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Lessons Learnt from My First Radio Interview

I knew when I put my hand up for the Pop Up Project that there would be a bundle of new experiences for me but I really didn’t have much foresight of what they might include.

Well last night was another first – my first interview on Sydney radio!

My début was on Angela’s Business Mix Radio program on 2SSR 99.7fm 6-8pm Monday’s and went really well.

Fortunately I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t have much time to think about it so the nerves didn’t get a chance to build. When it came to preparing for the show I just had to get on with it.

I got some great tips and advice from fellow Flying Soloists that proved to be perfectly practical and helpful.

Angela also sent out a great PDF about preparing for and getting to the show – really a very wise thing to do!

So the advice that worked really well for preparing for a radio interview included:

* go with a checklist with dot point notes on what you want to say

* have contact details readily available like website, Facebook and Twitter addresses

* think about it as just the interviewer and you, don’t focus on the audience

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* talk in a conversational manner, don’t read from notes

* don’t rush, talk slowly so listeners can hear you easily

* have fun with it and smile as that comes across the airwaves

* if quoting statistics and reports have a summary of the numbers and facts in dot form in your notes so you can easily quote them

* be positive, don’t criticise competitors as it belittles only you

* eat before getting to the studio so you have a full belly

* take the presenter a little present – like some chocolate (or a bottle of Moet like a previous guest did!)

* give yourself time for traffic delays – radio hosts hate being kept waiting!

* be ready to meet other interesting people in the green room so take your business cards

When the show is podcast I’ll share a link to the interview, so you’ll be able to hear my croaky voice and all!

I am enjoying this Pop Up Project. I’ve grown so much this year both professionally and personally, the most I have in years in a short time.

This Friday I have the second in the social media for small business seminar series – with the lovely Angela sharing her advice and experiences – and the new NSW Small Business Commissioner, Yasmin King, coming along, so a great opportunity to meet these amazing women.

Organising events and inviting VIP guests along has been a completely new experience too and that’s all working out surprisingly easy. I think the trick here is simply being organised and asking people to come along. But more on that another time!

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