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My String of Pearls

Hey there,

Listening to Deborah Conway’s “String of Pearls” CD after ages of having it just sitting on the shelf I had a ball of a time singing loudly away (home alone can be a great thing!). I love her way with words, her voice lets me flow along and release whatever pumping energy within and find this beloved CD timeless.

I was listening to the words I was singing in the title track “String of Pearls” and as much as it is specific to her life as a performing musician I found resonance with the idea of her metaphorical string of pearls – each pearl being the daily acts of love from her mother through out her childhood; “A long time ago when my mother’s hands were all my world, She taught me everything there was to know about holding and being held” and these became her pearls for her necklace.

I think that is wonderful. This is our role with children; to create pearls of love and strength for them to wear through out their life to nuture and strengthen their spirits. Let’s make pearl necklaces for children.

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