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Need help with the new Industrial Relations Laws?

Hey there,

Every week we’re learning about another person being unfairly treated under the new industrial relations laws but with 75 – 80% of people not part of a union there needs help from non-union source.

The Office of WorkPlace Services can help with detailing workers’ rights and investigating unfair treatment. Their role includes standing between the employer and employee, being able to put employees in touch with other services and to take legal action against employers as needed.

Being a government agency their website has an illogical name but here it is The website has a range of information and in different languages. There’s a translating and interpreting service 131 450.

They have a phone number 1300 363 264 (cost of a local call) for free advice about work place rights.

Yes, they are a government agency and were setup specifically to help with the results of the changes to industrial relations but they are meant to be independent and can take legal action against rouge employers. Personally I think the government doesn’t want their changes to be ruined by greedy and bad employers, they want it to work and people to be happy so the government wants to be able to get the bad employers.

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Belinda – great way to avoid being mistreated by the industrial relations laws is to have your own business – get our free sea change articles in our free newsletters.

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