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New Bookmark and Magnet Gifts Launched

I’m so happy to say that the new Bookmark and Magnet Gift sets are now launched!

They have been in development for a while so it is so exciting to have them here for you.

The front of the bookmark features a unique quote for each design while the back has For the Love of Books and the magnet is attached.

The bookmarks are printed in Australia and feature many of the most popular designs from the collections, including the ever adorable koala and Tickle Me Hedgehog.

They come packed in protective cello.

The ever popular blue wren and cheeky cockatoo are part of the first release.


The Black and White Cow is proving an instant winner too.

While the Australian Quarter Horse is always a favourite.

The Alpaca constantly charms.

For our retail stockists a counter top display spinner (35cm wide) is available.

The strong Australian theme is carried through the range.

And who can go past this beautiful Kangaroo?


And I couldn’t leave out the much loved dogs.


Walkies is also part of this debut selection.

They have made there way to market and stockists and are finding new homes easily.

I can customise designs for minimum order numbers so do please talk with me if you would like to find out more.

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