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New Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne Sale!

Hey there,

Just a quick note to let you know we have a new Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne sale on now with $10 off all pieces for a limited time only!

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Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne

Dragonflies for Positive Change, Butterflies for Freedom and Twice the Good Luck with Four Leaf Clovers with Ladybirds!

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7 Responses to New Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne Sale!

  1. Toni 12 January 2007 at 11:55 pm #

    I got this dragonfly La Vie Parisienne pin for Christmas and LOVE it! Dragonflies are for positive change and that is what I am having this year. I’m going to get rid of all that old stuff that is holding me back and I’m going to make this the best year yet and I’m going to have that Dragonfly pin on me all the time. I’ve just ordered the dragonfly earring stand as well so I see that every day on my dresser. I will get the butterfly earring stand for my sister because she needs some freedom from her boring job too. See, if you want to change things you have to do it yourself!!!!

  2. Cheryl 13 January 2007 at 12:01 am #

    I so agree with you. If you want things to be different then no one else is going to do it for you. You have to do it yourself. I learned that the hard way last year, I wanted others to change and they wouldn’t so I did and that really upset them. But there’s others out there that have happy lives so I want that too.
    Having the daily remindes is a great idea. positive change is what we all need it doesn’t matter how good your life is does it?
    SO go for it Toni!

  3. Toni 13 January 2007 at 12:09 am #

    Thanks for that! I’ve already cleared out the bedroom closet you know those clothes you’ll say you’ll wear one day but never do? And those old shoes that you just don’t wear anymoore. And I wore my dragonfly during all of that. My husband thinks I’m nuts but he’ll get it soon. He says I’m already laughing more so that is a really nice compliment I think.
    I’m just sick of hearing myself complain, of seeing fault in everything. I had a big fight with a friend back in November (yeah, holidays! huh!) and she said I was too negative and I needed to change or stay miserable and as much as I hated her saying that she was too close to the mark. It was her that gave me the Catherine Popesco pin (not a cheap present and I thought i t was a sorry for what I said present but it is also a friendship pin to with the positive change message. So I’ve worn it everywhere and making sure I do something positive everyday. It isn’t so easy all the time but it was easier this week. Now I’m up to stupid hours finding where she got the pin from in the first place and checking out all the jewelry and earrings stands they have.
    Have you been making changes to make yourself happier then?

  4. Cheryl 13 January 2007 at 12:18 am #

    Wow, that would have been a near thing for finishing the friendship and then she gives you that special present!
    I know what you mean about having to do something everyday that is positive. I’ve tried changing how I think about things, you know, seeing the good side rather than the bad side for everything and it can be really hard.
    Have you seen the newsletter articles from this Creatively Belle? She is really positive about seeing life, not the silly positive that you just want to shoot but the constructive positive. I’ve been getting her email newsletters and they are free (and not too many of them either, about 1 or 2 a month with sales and good articles). You can see some of the previous ones in the Business Tips section on the website. Have a look because you’ll like the way she is making her own journey. Well it looks that way to me and she has them listed by date so you can see what’s happening with her.
    Are you getting your sister the 2 teir butterfly earing stand or the single tier one like your dragonfly earring holder? I like the bigger one but I’m a bit of an earring lover!

  5. Toni 13 January 2007 at 12:28 am #

    Yeah, I nearly did finish that friendship but then she sent me a card afterwards not really saying sorry but saying that she cares about me and our friendship and that she didn’t mean to hurt me but someone had to say something and I was already starting to think she might have some truth to some of the things being said. You know when you don’t like what’s being said but it is hitting a point? Well I wasn’t that happy last year, it was really quite a bad year in lots of ways and if it hadn’t been for her I don’t thinkn I’d be here saying I want to be having the best year yet for this year. You know what I mean?
    And the pin had me thinking that she really means it from the heart, not to be nasty.
    I just feel like busting from my shell and going out there into the world and being a new me. When I’m getting upset about something now I touch my dragonfly pin and think of what I want, of what it took for La Vie Parisienne to make it and what she would have been thinking when she made it and keep on track that way. I still have upsets but they aren’t the same as last year. And my husband says I’m laughing more and that he really likes it, it is like my old self when we first met.
    I had only thought of the butterfly earring stand like my dragonfly earring stand – butterflies being for freedom but I like that 2 tier butterfly earring stand. I like it for myself! Maybe I could get 2 of the bigger butterfly earring stands – one for me and one for my sister – it is just one flat shipping price so that’s cool.
    I hadn’t seen those articles. I’ll join the newsletter because I’m not so good at regularly visiting sites and seeing what they have, it is better to be reminded about it, especially for the sites I really like like this one.
    Have you bought much from here? What’s the shipping like?

  6. Cheryl 13 January 2007 at 12:54 am #

    Yeah, I know what you mean about getting to the point of having to change things. It was a big wake up call for me to figure out that it was only me who could change things for me. Funnily it was watching a show with a friend who I think has it all – you know the sort who is happy with herself, has a really happy marriage, good kids, nice home etc etc. Well she argues with the tv when she thinks they are talking rubbish and she’s arguing with this coupleg on tv where this girlfriend is sticking by her drug addict boyfriend and she’s saying that the girlfriend can’t resuce the guy and that she should stop enabling his addiction and only he can change his addiction for himself, only he can rescue himself. I suddenly heard what she was actually saying and it was like an explosion, only I COULD MAKE MYSELF HAPPY! Only I could change my life to what I wanted it to be. And then I nearly paniced because I didn’t know what I wanted my life to be. That took a bit. About 2 or 3 weeks later I talked to her about it and she gave me a pile of books to read (“Explore” is what she said – I think that is a nice way to put it). And I found the “7 habits of effective people” really good, especially the exercise on values. So i got an idea of what I want. Maybe you would find that interesting to “explore” too?
    My sister likes the Susan Hay books for this stuff but I liked the practical action ones. Each to their own.
    I think what you’re doing with the Popesco pin is really good and you should keep doing it. What ever works for you is what is best.
    I’ve really liked our chat tonight. Isn’t it good how the net just makes it so easy to have an interesting chat with someone who you don’t know but understands anyway? I feel like i’m not alone with making the changes I want in my life when I have chats like this.
    Are you thinking of getting a present for that friend who gave you the Popesco pin? Would you get something like the dragonfly earring stand for her?
    I got my sister some La Vie Parisienne earrings this Christmas and she has been wearing them all the time. I really like it when I get a present right.
    The shipping is cheap and fast I think. It has a flat shipping price so it doesn’t matter how many items you get and that is regular shipping. Insurance is extra but not much and that is what I do, much better knowing it is insured and tracked I think. all the things I’ve ordererd have come through quickly and when she said they would – you know how the post can be delayed anyway with Christmas and all and it came through before Christmas even so I’ve been really happy with it all.

  7. Toni 13 January 2007 at 1:14 am #

    Yeah, what is this with figuring out the crap with big bangs? When I was complaining to people about what my friend had said none of them said I was right and she was wrong. My husband took her side I thought when now I see he was trying to show me how to see her side. I got really upset with him at first for that until my sister told me to shut up and listen. It was a rough few weeks. Now I’m relieved that it all happened.
    I don’t really know what exactly I want so that book sounds good. I’ll “explore” it. 🙂
    Yeah, I like that the web is good for these conversations too. They seem to happen by accident but I’m starting to think (this year) that they happen for a purpose, that they are happening for a reason to help with what is happening. Does that make sense?
    I hadn’t thought about getting my friend a thank you present but it is a good idea. Maybe the Dragonfly earring stand is the right thing to get because we all need positive change in our lives all the time – change is the only constant so best for it to be positive huh!
    But all that shopping will be next pay next week! I could spend a fortune at this site so will have to get things each month instead. Have you seen the sale area on the site? It seems really good too!

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