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New Designs Celebrate Love, the Year of the Dog and Australia

I always find road trips great for clearing the cobwebs, something about being out on the open roads with rolling paddocks either side of the highway that opens the creative pathways for me.

So within a week of returning from my journey to the Tasmanian Craft Fair I was back to designing more cards. While I had in mind adding about six to the ranges 11 designs came flowing through and are now part of the card ranges.

So come explore with me who’s joined the Creatively Belle greeting card collections:

Tiara Princess Dog Winged Armed Chair Greeting Card Creatively Belle Printed in Australia

Adorable Labradoodle with her Tiara

Plus to keep celebrating the Year of the Dog…

A perfect birthday card featuring a black labrador with a blue bandana by a bowl with birthday cake

Black Labrador with Cake Greeting Card

Two adorable labrador dogs - a brown lab and cream lab - greeting card

Two loving labrador dogs greeting card

And for birthdays….

A Dozen dogs saying Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday card featuring an Australian Shepherd, Pug, Westie, Labrador, Poodle, Beagle, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell and Labradoodle.


American Staffordshire Terrier Dog and birthday cake greeting card

Cake anyone? Happy Birthday card with a handsome American Staffordshire Terrier – but will you share his cake?


and Engagement and Wedding Cards

Two charming dogs wedding card

Two Handsome Dogs Congratulations Wedding Card


Gum Blossom Mrs and Mrs Wedding Card Creatively Belle printed in Australia

Mrs and Mrs Wedding Card


Congratulations Heart Field Flowers Greeting Card Creatively Belle printed in Australia

Heart filled with Congratulations Greeting Card

A floral heart made of Australian gum blossoms and leaves with the word Eternally inside it

Celebrating love eternally

and a new range for Get Well cards

Perfect card to send your best wishes for a speedy recovery

Get Well Soon Fresh Field Flowers Greeting Card


Feel Better Succulent Greeting Card

Feel Better Greeting Card

I’m very excited to be getting started with both the Get Well range and the Succulent range as both have been bouncing around my mind for months – it’s so much easier when the doing happens and the designs come through – all have their own percolation period.

Tell Us What You Think?

What are you favourite designs from these newbies? Have you spotted your favourite dog?

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