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New Intern Joining Us!

Click here to see our earring holder range online!We are very excited about the arrival of a wonderful new intern to join the Creatively Belle team – Sidni from the US of A!

Welcome Sidni!

Sidni will be working with us on a series of images and new initiatives that you’ll get to see in the coming months so stay tuned!

We’ll have to give the girl a bit of time to settle in, a bit of a tour of the area and a good home cooked lunch – ah, the upsides of a home based business!

Sidni is with us for three months and will be jumping in the deep end – I started writing up her to do list weeks ago! (But that has much more to do with my whirling head than anything else.)

If you’re interested in interns and internships checkout these articles over at She Inspires – A Memorable Internship Overseas and Travel and Work All in One with an International Internship.

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