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New Online Women's Magazine

Well I’ve done it, I’ve launched the new online women’s magazine SheInspires!

It feels like it’s taken for ever to get it to this stage but really it’s only been a few months. I’ve surprised many of my friends with it as I haven’t talked about it much. Most (I think all) had heard something about it but I’m always coming up with ideas so I thought it was better to not talk about it too much and just get it done instead – to deliver. So now most are rather surprises with how many articles there are and the beautiful images.

The aim of the online magazine is to share news, bring inspiration into life easily, showcase what’s out there for Australian and New Zealand women (any women from around the world really, just in an Australian voice).

So come an be inspired online with SheInspires!

Cheers (with a big grin!),


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