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Nicole Kidman Getting A Gong

Hey there,

So Nicole Kidman gets an Australia Day Honour and we learn about her community work. Nicole has a long history of generously giving her time and money to hospitals and organisations as a way for her to give back to the community yet she does so quietly – until she publicly receives a major honour for her generosity.

What is this cultural issue we have of not wanting others to know of us doing generous things for others? Do we fear that others will think we’re big noting ourselves if we let them tell how we help?

Isn’t it inspiring to learn of other’s giving? Doesn’t it encourage each of us to give to others? Doesn’t it encourage each of us to give thanks for what we have and want to help those who we can be of service to?

Don’t we deeply respect volunteer values? Isn’t giving money and time all part of that?

OK, too many questions probably but what I’m circling around is why should we keep it quiet about being useful in our community?

I fear that keeping things quiet stops us from encouraging each other to be active within the community. I fear that the idea of letting others know of your good actions is somehow tied in with bignoting yourself – something that isn’t culturally acceptable but should we change that?

I think we should all take a leaf out of the books of the Australia Day Gong recipients and incorporate such active values in our daily lives.  🙂

So go give something to the Salvos, volunteer for something this year, plant trees with Landcare; be of service.

 Smiles and thoughts,


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