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No Excuses for Missing Mother’s Day!

Click here for freshwater pearl jewellery for Mother's day gift ideasWe’ve all done it, let Mother’s Day creep on up and even past before we realise what the date is. Whether it’s because our own home life or work life is over crowded or we’ve just been too into what’s happening in our own lives there’s pretty much no acceptable excuse for missing Mother’s Day.

So with Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s the ideal time to get organised so you make sure Mum feels treasured this year.

Get that card sorted and the present that will give her joy.

Have a think about what mum would enjoy, would appreciate getting. I know for my mum tools to do her crafts with are always spot on so I try to find out what are the latest tools and gadgets she would like and write them in my diary so I’m ready for it (I have phone diary alarms to remind me to go shopping and all!).

Just be sure the present is about her and bringing her enjoyment. Don’t do as one 1970’s dad did and get mum an iron or you just might find out what other purposes irons can be used for! 

My tip? Beautiful long freshwater pearl necklace with earrings are a timeless classic and always a success!

Mother’s Day is Sunday 8th May 2011

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