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Not Easy!

Not Easy!

by Sara Victoria

The fire in your eyes is like the Mona Lisa smile,

I don’t want to fall from grace,

I just want to stand here in my place.

I can’t fake what I am not,

and I won’t take what you’ve got,

if you don’t want to give it to me.

Every time that you say you’re mine,

I don’t understand why you have to go away,

my heart is here to stay,

as clever or not as that may be.

I searched out some shelter,

and borrowed some sanity,

for this time in my life that wasn’t easy.

It wasn’t easy.

Finalist 2006 competition Congratulations Sara! I’m really impresed by you!


Pearls for innocence and integrity.


Belinda – come explore with us and be delighted!

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