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Opportunity for Small Businesses When Big Businesses Get it Wrong

Black earrings by Creatively BelleWhen I learnt that Telstra was joining the bandwagon of large corporates charging customers for paying their bills on time I felt really frustrated.

It is easy to understand that the administration costs for processing cheques is expensive and they would want to cut their costs but the use of a stick to punish paying customers is the issue that is confusing me the most.

Especially when other organisations are using the carrot approach of offering customer who pay their bills on time online with a discount are prime examples of how to make it work and look after the goodwill of customers.

I know as a small business owner I would never get away with charging treasured customers a fine for shopping with me. I really value my customers, without them I wouldn’t be able to have my creative business, I have no desire to penalise someone for shopping with me – that is simply a stupid thing to do.

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