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Oprah Winfrey Coming to Sydney!

Sparkling drop earrings available online and at The Rocks MarketsWhen you work at home it’s quite easy to end up being a fan of Oprah and her show as it’s on at the perfect time for lunch.

I blame my sister for getting me hooked on Oprah, I’d be working away in the city and Jenni would be raving about how positive and affirming Oprah was at lunch again.

Back then I only caught Oprah when I had a day off sick, curled up on the lounge feeling sorry for myself and finding it a very fast hour in the middle of the day.

Then I lighted on the idea of a subscription to the O magazine being a perfect present for my sister – bingo! Got that one right!

Now I’m a regular reader of O Magazine and love how inspiring it is.

So when I found out Oprah and her show are coming here to Sydney I was delighted, full of joy and the wise woman is bringing John Travolta! What Aussie girl doesn’t love John Travolta?

I’ll try my luck at the lotto for a seat but either way, I’ll head on down to the Oprah House on the day to check it all out and post photos here for you.

Tuesday 14th December is already written up in my diary as Oprah day!

As the lovely lady is doing her bit for Australian tourism I think it’s only fair for me to pay it right back (if only in a small way) with some links to her, here goes:

Oprah’s website:

Oprah on Facebook:

Oprah Book Club:

O magazine:

More from Channel 10 about the lotto for the Oprah Winfrey Sydney Show:

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