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Our Hugh Going for an Emmy

Hey there,

The delicious Hugh Jackman is going for his second Emmy Awards ceremony in LA. This could be Hugh Jackson’s second consecutive Emmy but will they let it go twice to an Aussie?

Judy Davis is also in the running for her very own Emmy and the Americans do like our Judy so all could go really well for her! Could it be three times lucky for Judy Davis? Here’s hoping!

Surprisingly Hugh Jackmand and Judy Davis are the only Aussie up for Emmys this year with Anthony LaPaglia (Without A Trace), Jesse Spencer (House MD) and Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under) all missing out – a bit strange that one but apparaently there’s lots of gossip about how unpredicable the nominations are this year.

Some more of the surprising ommissions included all of the cast and crew from Desperate Housewives and castaways Lost.

One of my favourites, Grey’s Anatomy has been nominated so that’s good value and they’ll be going up against  24, The Sopranos and The West Wing for some of the major awards of the night.

You’ve gotta love The West Wing (thank you ABC for putting it on regularly, at a decent time and advertising it!) and The Sopranos but what about other’s like ER? Anyway, all will be revealed Monday night!

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