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Our Own Little Jewellery Shop!

We’ve been invited to be part of the new artisan and designer pop up at The Rocks so Creatively Belle will finally have it’s own little shop – and in the heart of Sydney!

I’m absolutely thrilled by this and have been chasing my tail with it all for the last month or so.

The artisan and designer Pop Up is a joint project between The Rocks Markets and Arts New South Wales and will feature independent and NSW local designers, creators, artisans and art community members.

We’ll be opening the doors to our beautiful space at 47 George St – the old Westpac building on the corner of Playfair and George Streets – in mid-May.

Creative fun - a dish of opals, pearls, handmade glass and gemstonesSo Creatively Belle will have our own little space in the heart of a heritage building with wooden pillars and sandstone walls.

It means we’ll have a really busy few weeks ahead of us, getting the fit out together and making loads of new and exciting designs.

I’m thrilled out it all. I found out on my sister’s birthday – 7th April – and nearly deafened mum with my shrill squeals of delight when I called her. I spent the rest of the day and the following day bouncing round like an excited 6 year old! It’s wonderful to feel so good and excited about a new adventure.

I was invited to apply for the project in March, although I’d known about the hopes for the endeavour for some time, and had to wait on tender hooks to find out whether I was successful with my submission. To find out on my sister’s birthday was extra special (the sentimental creature I am!).

We’re each getting a small grant to help fit out our spaces and I’ve been busily scrounging to find pre-loved furniture that I can upcycle into picture perfect display furniture.

Tomorrow I go pick up my first glass display cabinet – I’m hoping to sort out another 3 glass cabinets.

I have tucked away in the garage 3 wooden cabinets – including a quaint 1950 – 60’s dressing table with a huge mirror – that’s currently in the front hall and I manage to spook myself when I walk past it!

I’m in need of two tall stand alone lamps and managed to get one yesterday, so one down, one to go!

But more on the fit out later. I figured I’m going to share my excitement for all of the process with you here online so you can enjoy the journey with me.

I’ve often thought of having my own little jewellery shop either here in Sydney or down the south coast but each time I’ve looked at it the details haven’t been right. So I’m absolutely thrilled to be having this opportunity.

It’s a 6 month pilot program so all of us participants will have to all get involved to make it work but I’m determined to make it a raging success.

We’ll be open Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm with a cafe, a little cinema, creative workshop spaces and a bundle of creative retail spaces including jewellery, fashion, hair accessories, creative arts and more.

I’ll still be doing my weekend markets so a very busy period ahead. But what fun!

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