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Patchwork and Quilting Circles

Hey there,

Like many women I believe I’m a quilter but the reality is I’m a fabric stasher. I fall in love with fabric and colour. I buy all sorts of fabric believing that I’ll innately pick patterns and colours that will go with each other, that I have the makings for 5 – 7 quilts growing in my stash.

I think in reality that the different materials reflect different tastes and styles I’m liking. Making jewelry is influencing my way of seeing colour and design – it is broading my view on the world.

So maybe to help me transform back to a quilter and away from a fabric stasher I need to find a local quilting circle that I can go to regularly to bring these fabrics into a finished product.

I’m thinking that I should apply some of my business and work ethos I have to make things and finish projects to my fabric – to my quilting. So once again I need to bring skills and dedication from my work life to my personal life. There you go.

See the Sewing Notions Quilting Charm Bracelet in the Middle – between the Beach Side Fun and the Muscial Instruments Charm Bracelets – Sterling Silver Chains and Rose Quartz Charms



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2 Responses to Patchwork and Quilting Circles

  1. Amie 16 March 2006 at 3:35 am #

    thanks for the links to the bracelets Belinda! I think those little charms are adorable – keep up the lovely work.

    With regards to your collecting fabrics, I do that to a certain extent and even more so with beads – I can’t tell you how many beads, findings, etc I’ve collected and how few pieces of created comparatively! Then when I have an idea of a creation in mind, I buy way more than I need for that and always have leftovers. In fact, I started selling my jewellery to fund my obsession with beads! LOL

    Amie (

  2. Belinda 16 March 2006 at 10:28 am #

    Hey there,

    Don’t you find those left overs just too tempting and challening? I know logically I’m meant to use them for scrap quilts but what about all those other quilts calling out to be created?

    When I wanted to get back to making jewellery I knew I could easily hoard the beads so the deal with myself was that I would sell the jewellery and fund the creations – just like you.

    That little idea ended up with my beloved business so all is good.

    Thanks for your comment and happy beading and quilting!

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