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Polluting the Snowy River – What about the Platypuses?

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On a recent snow holiday we had a wonderful time finding Platypuses in the local rivers and today the news is the Snowy Hydro Corporation has release of polluted water into the Snowy River – the home of our amazing platypus.

The Snowy Hydro Corporation has released silted water into the river from dredging work at the Jindabyne Dam.

John Dengate from the New South Wales Environment Department said “it does seem to be quite a significant area of the river, like many hundreds of metres that is impacted by the sediment and of course sediment can have significant ecological impacts.”

The river is now a bright yellow colour. The cannot be good for our gentle Platypus.

So what compensation with the Snowy Hydro Corporation pay to help care for the river’s wildlife?

Personally I can’t see how such mistakes can happen if there are appropriate safe guard processes in place by the Snowy Hydro Corporation. But then again they have reduced the flow of the Snowy River back down to only 1% after all the work to increase it to 6%.

Click here for more info about the story.

Click here to find out more about our wonderful Platypus at the Australian Platypus Conservancy.

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