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Pop Parade Celebrates Independent Fashion

Continuing on this journey of stretching and growing with my business because I put my hand up for the Pop Up Project this year I’m now diving into working on a collaborative jewellery range with fashion designer Wendy Murray.

This is the first time I’m working closely with another creative spirit on what my jewellery designs with look like and it’s an interesting experience.

Creatively Belle freshwater pearl jewelleryWhile I find little internal barriers to suggestions and ideas, I must admit, I’m quite excited about working with Wendy. She’s a passionate designer who overflows sometimes with enthusiasm for an idea and it can feel like a whirl wind is sweeping you up.

But the interesting thing is I’m enjoying it. I’m not fighting against the flow. Wendy has many years experience as a designer for a boutique French fashion label and is just back from the European fashion show season.

I’m enticed by the idea that my work is going to be influenced by European flavours. I’m distinctively Australian, born and breed. I’ve travelled a bit but not to Europe and I’ve created all my own designs and styles with very little direct influence from others. Of course I’m inspired from all sorts of directions but this is the first time I’m working closely with another designer and it’s really interesting.

Wendy and I get on really well. We didn’t initially. We’re such different characters. But we stumbled along and found some common ground and now there’s a kind of mutual fascination with each other. I love jewellery but I’m not good with fashion outfits. I’m the sort that will have a loose lock of hair, food crumbs down the front, lipstick MIA and Wendy is this immaculate, tall, slim,  long hair, gorgeous, French inspired whirl wind. We’re opposites.

It has taken Wendy a while to realise I don’t really mind that I’m not this perfectly put together fashion icon. I don’t think she’s realised yet that the confusion this causes her amuses me. But don’t tell her, she’d just roll her eyes and say ‘Oh Belle!’.

So all this collaboration is because we’re putting on a fashion show at the Pop Up to celebrate all the fashion creativity we have on show.

I’m teaming up with Wendy, Anna from Silk Diva is working with Debbie from Ruby&Cricket while Angus from Industrial Arts is collaborating with Marc from Son of a Taylor.

We’ve figured out a very entertaining twist to the regular fashion show and it’s all about being independent and creative, which we all proudly are!

Preparations are all underway with our stage back drop being painted by Ronnie from Ronnie Arts, Angus is taking a load of photos so we can make a You Tube video of it all and flyers are being printed!

We’re putting on two shows – an afternoon and an evening show to make it easy for you to attend.

Pop Parade Details

Friday 14th October

47 George Street – access off Playfair Street

The Rocks

Show Times

12.30pm arrival for a 1pm parade

6pm arrival for a 6.30pm parade

Free Bookings

Register with the Pop Parade MC – Anique – on the Rocks Pop Up Blog – or email  to or call 0401 713 998 to reserve your table.

We’ll have sparklie and food taster plates available for $10

I’ll keep sharing my journey of creative exploration here so stay tuned!

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