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Power Of Money

So many of us want to escape the rat race, to have the opportunity to make a new life with more satisfaction and inner peace.

Many of us prefer the handcrafted, the quality small production goods that are in stark contrast to the mass produced, imported goods that may be functional but lack that extra special aspect that brings quality into our daily lives.

We are blessed in our country that we have a safe, stable democratic society (no matter which of the two political parties are in government) that values education and opportunities.

We don’t have the harsh struggles in this country that are common for the majority of people in the world – think of the poor communities in other continents – so we have the opportunity to make life what we want it to be. It isn’t always easy but we are very blessed with the society and economy we have.

So we do have the chance to make the life we want, to create a successful small business, to climb the ladder, to be a useful member of your community.

What is vital is that we recognise that we each have an active role in making such a good community and society that gives us and our neighbours the opportunity to create the life we want.

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