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Price-Insensitive Customers!

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Wouldn’t we all love to have price-insensitive customers? Not to rip them off, but to be able to price goods at decent levels to reflect the quality of the goods rather than having to consider the cheap Chinese knockoffs that are based on opportunity rather than quality (and they break so easily these cheap imitations).

Forrester Research has found that up to a third of online customers are price-insensitive and focused more on quality and having something different that meets their wants.

They also found that coupon focused customers spend less and buy fewer things. So it begs the question, why focus on customers that aren’t going to shop often or spend much and why not focus on customers who want quality in design and components?

When you are designing and creating quality pieces for sale you need to focus on customers who are going to be attracted to your work. Taking on board the needs and requirements of your core customers can also be great for inspiration for designing. I know I’ve thought of particular customers when designing and have created something truely special that reflects something special about them that others recognise and value.

So have a think of what sort of customers you want to attract with your sales message. Consider also who your designs naturally attract and structure your business to be most attractive to them.

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