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Princess Mary and her Georg Jensen Necklace – Is it Gold?

Hey there, If you’re like me you saw Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wearing a stunning Georg Jensen necklace and earrings that looked to be in gold.

I was stunned when I saw it, believing that no such design had been done in gold before but wondering if it could be done as a special service to Princess Mary.

It turns out it was simply the lighting of the photo. The magnificent necklace and earrings are in the traditional moonshine silver loved so much by Georg Jensen. So there you go, mystery solved!

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2 Responses to Princess Mary and her Georg Jensen Necklace – Is it Gold?

  1. Amie 16 June 2006 at 3:32 am #


    I don’t suppose you have a link to that picture of Princess Mary do you? I didn’t catch it!


  2. Belinda 17 June 2006 at 12:02 pm #

    It was one of the weekly gossip mags (the ones you can’t trust what’s written in them but flick through in the checkout line). I’ve checked the websites and they don’t have the pictures on them but it is a relatively recent picture of Mary going to a function.
    Sorry it isn’t much use for you, I didn’t note the magazine at all, just the picture.
    If I do find it I’ll put a link to it.

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