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The Bohemians of the Czech Republic have carved a niche in many glass making markets and have had local competition for centuries – from Venice, near by German, Poland glassmaking regions and Austria.

This local competition has inspired the finest innovations in quality and techniques. The benefactors of centuries of close competition are you and me.

Many people instantly associate top quality lampwork bead designs with the Venetians and the Island of Murano. Their work is stunningly beautiful and their reputation is well earned. The Italians have a natural talent for promoting their wonderful abilities and understanding that business building has a lot to do with brand building. So over the centuries they have required the jewelers who use their components to include their name in the end result. Hence they are so well known.

The Bohemians are not so comfortable about coming forward. They have traditionally let jewelry designers and others use their work without requiring them to identify their source.

The end result today is one of naming. Both regions produce equally well crafted and stunning glass work, especial lampwork beads, but with the ability to brand their produce the Venetians are the best known internationally for glass beads. Yet the Bohemian glass still retains that little bit of extra magic for me and always will, especially because of their use of color and tones.

I love creating handmade lampwork beaded jewelry using the Czech encased lampwork glass beads and crystals as well as the compliments I get when wearing or showcasing them.

I find the best way to enjoy my lampwork necklaces and drop earrings is to use jewelry display stands, including earring holders so I can see them (no use hiding beautifully designed jewelry in a messy jewelry box!).

Long Handmade Lampwork Beaded Necklaces with Matching Dangle Earrings

Charming Purple and Olive with Pink Highlights - so very easy to wear so with so many things

Click here for more info about the heritage of the beautiful Czech handmade lampwork bead.

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