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Raise Funds for Your Netball Club the Fun Way!

Hey there,

A couple of my customers have figured out that they can use the Fundraising option of a Creatively Belle Jewellery Party to raise money for their netball club.

It is very simple with a Lucky Door entry of $5 and that puts you in the competition for a beautiful jewellery set. More tickets for the raffle can be bought. All the money raised from the Lucky Door raffle goes directly to the club.

The prizes are free because the generous hostess gift voucher is used for the multiple jewellery sets. With the fundraising parties I’ve done before there’s been between 4 – 8 sets for prizes so that has made lots of people very happy!

Click here to find out more about having a fun jewellery party to raise funds for your club! 🙂

You can have a fun Jewellery Lucky Door Fundraising raffle for your sports club, community group like Lions or work team – great for getting money together for Christmas and End of Season Parties!

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