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Research Key Words with Reverse Search Tools

Hey there,

I was at a Stores Online seminar last week and was enthralled by their demonstration of their Reverse Search Tool.

It lets you research key words to see how often they have been searched, related key words to be searched and how often they have been entered.

When you’re building an internet business this lets you test key words for PPC campaigns and meta tags, research product ideas, test key word marketing strategies and inspires key word report terms.

Here’s some free reverse search tools online to explore key words and ideas:

* Overture’s Key Word Selector Reverse Search Tool

* iWebTool for Key Word Research – I think this is more of a key word look up tool rather than a full reserse search tool for key words

* Rapid Key Word Reverse Filter – this could be useful too but not as functional as the Stores Online Reverse Search tool

From what I’ve been finding online the Stores Online Reverse Tool has the most functionality and useful features since its upgrade recently. Stores Online does work with the traditional American hard sell process with limited time only offers but we are all adults capable of making up our own minds. I went to their seminar with the aim of learning something and I did – Reverse Search Tools for one so I thought I’d share a free, smaller version with you here!

If you want to check out what key words in Google your competitors are using check out the urlTrends tool a really interesting and useful tool:

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