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Respect Makes Better Business Sense

I’m very lucky to have neighbours that are part of the Salvation Army. I really admire what they do and how they care about others in their community.

I for one couldn’t get up at 6am on Saturday morning to go down to the Police stations to be with people who are coming down off drink or drugs to be with them for court. But they do.

I understand that there are things that we can each do that leaves others wondering how.

I admire my neighbours but I don’t feel bad that I can’t do what they do, I just do what I can do.

I’m writing about them because I had a really good chat with the husband, Tony, this afternoon and one of the things that struck me was his comment that he sees such a lack of respect (and not just in court).

I don’t want this to sound like a diatribe but I think respect is really important.

I think we need to treat the children in our lives with respect – listen to what they are saying, when they are off on a tangent that you are lost with ask them to go over it again because you are interested (this is a very powerful word with children – they love having adults interested in them so hearing the word is really good).

Tony was saying how there is a natural leave of respect you show people and respect above that amount is earnt.

This made so much sense to me. I initially thought he was talking about positions and roles – respecting the police uniform, the office of Parliment, that sort of thing.

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