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Revivial Style Jewelry Influences

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I’ve been enjoying delving into jewelry books and learning more about the stories behind the designs and components. Just as current day fashion designers are throwing themselves back into old designs and trying to reinvent them the jewelry designers of the 19th century did this too, called the Revival style.

Gold earrings and pearl earrings have always be popular but were particularly favored in the 1860s and 1870s with the discoveries in Etruria and the Greek Islands of Knossos, Melos and Rhodes of treasure troves of antique jewelry that showed how popular and important earrings had been to these societies.

So antique shapes, designs, materials and techniques were copied and reinvented and became known as the Revivial style. This resulted in tradition jewelry such as gold earrings set with natural pearls – very similar materials that are still so popular today!

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