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Richard Fidler's Conversation Hour

Hey there,

I’ve just been really impressed by Richard Fidler of 702 all over again with his interview with Jeff Gambin of Just Enough Faith.

Just Enough Faith is a really interesting organisation that is best descibed in their own words:

Established in 1993, Just Enough Faith is run by former restaurateur Jeff Gambin and his wife Alina Gambin, and a small team of volunteers to who feed Sydney’s growing hordes of homeless people.

Over 20 per cent people choose to be homeless, 45% are mentally ill, but the remaining 35% are just poor and destitute who simply need a break.

Seven days a week, 12 months a year, they serve more than 400 hot meals a night out of their van primary drawing on their own funds and relying on goodwill of food suppliers to cover the remaining 20%.

However, their objective is much more than just feeding the homeless. Its about giving them hope and helping them regain respect by counselling and where possible housing.


So be part of the change, send money, volunteer, write to corporations suggesting they help, find jobs and hope.

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