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Roger Federer's Australian Open Victory Tears

Hey there,

Watching the Australian Open Men’s Final had me marvelling about the shear talent and determination both players showed on court.

Marcos Baghdatis shined with delightful talent and all praise to him for his massive achievement in making it to the Australian Open final.

Of course the tennis was stunning but the trophy presentation got me the most – Marcos’ excellent thank you speech and then Federer’s honest tears of shear overwhelming emotion.

I read comment in the paper today about how men hate to cry but I think the author forgot that men are allowed to cry in most other areas of the world, that we in Australia can actually learn valuable life skills from others. 🙂

Personally I found Roger Federer’s tears honest and endearing. I figured it was from being overwhelmed to win such an achievement, with his mentor in attendence, at the end of a challenging tourament and complete joy with the win.

When we compare our insides against other’s outsides we usually feel we fall short but it is an unbalanced comparison. When we judge someone’s outside against rigid expectations we can often find ourselves surprised;  hopefully delightfully so as we were on Sunday night with the talented Mr Roger Federer.

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