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Russell Crowe Escaping the Paparazzi

Hey there,

I see that Russell Crowe and his wife, Danielle Spencer, are expecting their second child, a boy, in July and it reminds me of the story of Russell’s escape from the Paparazzi by his Sydney home last year.

Russell was out with his little boy downstairs from their Wharf home having brunch. When a child from a neighbouring table dashed off Russell stopped the little one from getting too close to the edge of the wharf and turned him round back to return to his family. It was just the action of a responsible adult helping out with a dashing toddler but it was an action noted by other patrons.

Russell took his child off for a walk and while away patrons noticed Paparazzi photographers going by. When Russell returned they warned him of them because they had been impressed with his actions earlier with the escaping toddler. So Russell was able to escape the paparazzi and enjoy the rest of his day in peace.

So if you ever wonder what’s the value of being a caring member of your community trust that what goes around comes around and if you do the right thing then it will be noticed and right will be done by you.

All the best to Danielle and Russell with their growing family and keep escaping the paparazzi!

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One Response to Russell Crowe Escaping the Paparazzi

  1. Kel 21 March 2006 at 9:53 am #

    Yes, I agree that what goes around comes around. Little things can make a difference. You never know how one good turn can be repaid.

    I’d also like to say that it’s nice to hear something good about Russell. I think he’s just an average Aussie bloke that gets a fair bit of bad press for things that “normal aussie blokes” do everyday (yes, he’s far from perfect). He just gets a bad wrap because he’s famous and it sells papers and magazines.

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