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The Secrets of Success are usually the most obvious ones that are commonly overlooked and can come from the most unusual sources. Here’s an example of an important lesson when learning the secrets of success.

I was watching Love’s Harvest last night about an organic raspberry farmed who took 4 seasons, four years to get a successful crop result. Each year they tried different varieties of raspberries until they found the one that best suited their environment.

The big lesson from this was the idea they should have planted a range of varieties in the first place to test what works best for their situation. So if they’d planted in their initial raspberry patch 3 – 5 different varieties in the first season they could start eliminating the types that didn’t suit and increase their chances of finding the ones that flourish for them. This would have saved years of financial hardship with failed crops.

It would mean that if they were lucky and picked the best variety in the first season they would miss out on having a full field of flourishing plants but when you’re sorting out your risks you need to determine the cost of one season versus many seasons.

Of course this lesson is coming from 20/20 hindsight but the idea of testing isn’t rocket science, it is a key to success – whatever you are doing. If you are working on your internet marketing strategy you test 3 – 5 internet marketing tactics to see what brings the best results. If you are working on new jewelry designs you make up samples and test them with your customers. The logic works across industries and concepts.

With a crop it is easy to see the results of your tests – to measure the test results. It is the measuring of the testing that matters as that’s how you decide what has worked and get ideas as to why it worked – or didn’t, as the case may be.

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