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Seeking Inspiration

I’ve been working on some new designs lately and wanted to stretch myself a bit with working outside of my comfort design zone. After a few conversations with friends about completely off topic things to jewelry making I figured out how different so many of my friends and family are to me.

So I’ve been using them as inspiration for the designs. I’m making necklaces that reflect their personalities and styles rather than always my own – and what I think would work well on them. It’s been really interesting with the results. The inspiration has worked and I’ve made things that are different to my usual style.

OK, not all my friends and family have thought the pieces exactly them but that’s alright, the purpose was to challenge me with different designs – well that’s the story I’m sticking with! 🙂

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have done this but I’ve found it really useful to do. Where you get inspiration from can be a funny thing. I’m always looking for inspiration and ideas (and figure we all are) so sharing yours would be great.


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