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September is Small Business Month

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I love being a small business owner and the freedom it gives me but it can be somewhat isolating so I was delighted when I found out September is Small Business Month.

For me it means it is easier to meet up with other small business people like me.

I’ve been getting more involved in small business online forums, signed up to go to the Small Business Expo at Darling Harbour and made more time to work on my business with my business coach.

I think it’s a great idea to have a focus for an entire month on celebrating and supporting small business in Australia. And yes, I’m completely bias.

I’ve worked both in the corporate world and been self employed, I know what I’m best suited for with my personality. Running your own business certainly isn’t for everyone, nor is climbing the corporate ladder, being a stay home mum or working in the public service – we’re each different thankfully! 🙂

I’m finding the focus on small business for a month is great for me to get out there and connect with others, explore possibilities and learn more.

So if your field of interest or passion has an expo, week or month of attention make sure you dive in and get involved.

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