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Shopping with Other Women

I’ve started going to regional craft shows this year so I get to travel around more – incorporating holiday breaks with work – and made a purpose decision to spend my money with other creative businesses – with other women getting out there with their creative designs – especially country based ones.

For money to work it must move around and I love the idea of my money earned from my creative designs going to other creative women for their creative designs. I’ve gotten some really beautiful things, including amazing lampwork pendant designs from ladies like Emily Lake of New Zealand.

A beautiful silver bracelet has also found a new home with me too – it’s a hard life! So far I’m feeling like I’m getting the best end of the deal and I’m really enjoying getting special things from other creative women who are putting themselves out there to make it happen. I think I’ll start to get my Christmas and birthday present shopping started with these women too.

Handmade Limited Edition Gemstone, Pearl and Lampwork Lariat Necklace


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