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Showing Support for Friends in Hard Times

Hey there,

When our friends and family, our loved ones, are going through difficult times we want to be able to fix it for them but sadly there isn’t a magic wand to make the hard things disappear.

What we can do is show our care and affection, our support and tender thoughts simply with presents or practical help – whatever will be best received.

So here are some ideas – jewelry, flowers/plant, book, magazine, something they collect, a card with a supportive message, watching a funny movie with them, going out together, helping with the practical needs in life like getting in there and doing the washing up, that sort of thing – but be careful with someone’s home, respect how they feel about it. Visiting with a packet of tim tams, a box of tea/coffee, and a little present can make such a difference and help someone feel supported, not isolated.

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I wish you all the very best.


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