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Showing Support

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Something I’ve learnt from my customers is how generous friends and family can really be. I regularly have beautiful pieces of jewelry bought as presents for loved ones to show support and encouragement.

This can be either for friends going through tough times or to mark new beginnings (or both when it comes to relationships).

And it varies the cost of the gift because it is the truely the thought that matters rather than the expense.

So next time a friend is going through a really difficult time and you don’t know what to say to fix it (because it can’t be fixed, just learnt to live with) give her a little present that says you love her and care for what she’s going through.

Or when someone is making positive change in her life show your support with a gift – whether it is jewelry or something else, something tangible and lasting will stay as a reminder of loving support – something we all value. 🙂

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Remember – it is important to tell our friends and family that we care and admire them.



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