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Smiling to Create Wellness

Hey there,

I’ve just read a wonderful book called “Home” by Larissa Behrendt that had me smiling and crying and sometimes within the same page. I found it amazing that this young woman could have so much wisedom.

So I thought I would share one little point that rang bells with me about a recent holiday to Tasmania. She talks of how when you travel there are things deep inside you that are waiting to come out but while you’re in familiar surroundings they stay inside.

For me this was a natural happiness and exceptation of seeing the good in people. This outlook made my holiday so very rich and enjoyable because people dropped their guards with me and shared their kind ways with me. Their guards started to drop because I greeted them with a smile.

A smile is such an easy way to look at others. Having a lovely time is a great way to keep well and healthy. I had a cold tugging away at me in the days leading up to my departure. It had a couple attempts at me while away but failed because I was having such a lovely time.

So let out the best of you to be shared with each of us. Just smile and be ready to be delighted by the world around you.

I really recommend reading “Home” by Larissa Behrendt, ISBN0 7022 3407 9, published by UQP and available in USA and Canada.


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Belinda – come and explore today!

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