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Something for the Magnet Lovers

They always say do what you love and while I’ve thought that a bit of difficult one to define I’ve realised that I’m doing exactly that. I’m painting, writing, drawing, planning and exploring. I’m also making jewellery, greeting cards and magnets – treasures I’ve always loved.

So I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the new magnet designs featuring my original art work.

Australian made magnets featuring original artwork by Belinda Stinson of charming Australian Animals

They come in magnet sets featuring four captivating views as well as magnet and card gifts.

The magnets are made in Australia and the greeting cards are printed in Australia.

I’ve designed the magnet sets to be ideal Australian themed and made gifts to share with loved ones all over the world – so they’re light to travel with, and when posting, simply fit in a Size 1 padded envelope and go as a letter, not a parcel. I think we’ve all been caught out by Australia Post’s parcel charges and hoops to jump. So let’s keep this simple. 🙂

These are available retail as well as for Creatively Belle stockists (they come in packs of 6 wholesale).

There are more designs on the painting boards as I write this so stay tuned for updates.

To see the entire range, just visit the Magnet Gifts page in the Shop or join us at market this weekend.


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