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Earring Stands

Creatively Belle Earring Stands Range

Click here to see our jewellery display stand range onlineHere you can find a selection of the Creatively Belle jewellery display solutions.

Earring stands are also called earring holders, earring trees and jewellery hangers.

Enjoy Your Jewellery More

Earring stands are great for letting you enjoy your beautiful treasures even more because:

  • the get the earrings out of the jewellery boxes and up on display so you see them – why hide beauty when it’s so much more fun to show them off!
  • keeps your earring pairs together so they are easy to find and wear – no more hunting for an odd earring.
  • let’s you keep your jewellery organised so you know what colours you have to go with which outfit.
  • makes it easier to get out the door when you can quickly see and get out the right pair of earrings for the day.
  • avoid messy tangles with necklaces that drives you nuts trying to get them sorted so you can get out the door. Keeping necklaces and earrings apart makes for an easier life.

Click here to see our range of earring holders in our online jewellery store.

Elegant earring stands - French designed and inspiredWhy We Love Jewellery Display Stands

We started using the earring holders and jewellery display stands to showcase our jewellery range at markets, craft shows and jewellery parties as they showed off our designs so effectively.

You can pick up an earring stand to have a good look at the earrings to make your selection – always good for customers.

We also created a way that we could simply carefully wrap up our earring holders full of earrings to pack them away to take to the next jewellery party. It makes for a fast setup and pack-up – something everyone appreciates.

We kept being asked if people could buy the jewellery display stands so we started carrying just a few extra earring holders and necklace stands until now, they are an integral part of our business.

So now we have them online for you too. Click here to see our range of earring holders and jewellery display stands.

The earring trees, jewellery display stands and jewellery rolls make great presents for birthdays, Christmas and friendship presents as they are beautiful and useful!

Beautiful and Useful

Click to see our range of earring holders and jewellery display stands online

Free Earrings for Members

As a thank you gift for subscribing we give you a free pair of handcrafted earrings from the Joy drop earring range valued at $25. Annual membership is $14.95.

All new and renewing subscribers go in the running to win a jewellery prize pack of earring stand, jewellery roll and earrings!

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