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Start Your Rat Race Escape Part Time

I have quite a few conversations with women who are in the corporate world and are looking around with an interested eye towards the future. Then they look at me as see that I’ve escaped and wonder how it is possible for them.

From my vantage point you start making changes by taking the first steps. And usually they are little steps, they are about starting something part time and consistently working at it for 6 months and watching it grow.

The ShoppersBonus competition website is a great example of someone making a part time business grow into a successful alternative business.

A well designed website that makes it easy for people to navigate, find and has interesting things is a great way to start something part time and give it a real go, to work 4 – 10 hours a week on it, every week for 6 months and then step back and see how much you’ve achieved.

A website can sell tangible products like earrings but it can also offer a service and generate income through advertising on the website and in email newsletters, affiliate programs, e-courses and e- books.

The focus of the website, what’s it is all about, needs to be really interesting to you so you keep at it. So what’s your thing? What can you talk about really easily? Fashion, competitions, celebrity gossip, books, films, gadgets, babies, affirmations, shoes, makeup, bags, what do you love?

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