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Stud Earrings or Drop Earrings / Dangle Earrings?

Hey there,

Something I’m learning about people and earrings is that there are generally two camps; people who love stud earrings and people who love dangle earrings, drop earrings. There seems only to be a small number of people who are completely happy to wear both.

I have a few pairs of stud earrings but by and large I have mainly drop earrings (dangle earrings). I like sterling earrings, natural pearl earrings, crystal earrings, diamond earrings (who doesn’t?), gemstone earrings, beaded earrings, gold earrings, Catherine Popesco earrings, just about any type of earring really!

So what’s your preference? Stud earrings or drop earrings? Do you really just love the inherant beauty of the earrings? I do. And I love show casing them at home on my earring holders – I have mine themed, not at all surprising I’m sure! 🙂 Earring stands and earring holders are great ways to enjoy your earrings even more as you get to see your earrings always rather than having them hidden away in boxes and cupboards as well as saving you on no more messy tangles with necklaces.

I think jewelry and earring holdes make great presents – the earring holders and necklace display stands can be easier presents sometimes as they are really useful and practical presents for anyone with earrings.

With 60 holes the three tier earring stands can carry a pair of earrings per hole. Earrings can also hang over the decoration.

So keep enjoying your earrings and the daily beauty they bring to your life!


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