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Successful Landing Pages

When you’re spending money on an advertising campaign you need to bring potential customers to your website where are you going to direct them?

Sending people to the homepage is one option but the challenge with that is you can’t then control where they go and to keep them focus on the message of the advertisement you’ve spent money on.

You need them to arrive on a landing page that is a bridge between the advertisement and the sale.

The landing page provides focus and carries over the images and words from the initial advertisement that brought them to you. This is to keep continuity and to minimise customer confusion.

The landing page can have additional images and information but it is vital to keep a visual and information link between what initially attracted people to go to your site so they know where they are and to keep clear lines of communication open.

A home page has dozens of paths visitors can take and it is difficult to promote a single message. The purpose of the home page is to immediately let visitors know where they are, what’s the purpose and value of the site, keep them interested and go exploring.

A landing page is to communicate only one or two messages and be a bridge from the advertisement to sales.

It is designed to focus the customer and generate more interest that results in an action – whether that be buying something or subscribing or whatever your aim of the advertising program.

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