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A friendly little ladybird visits me at market

The False Facebook Life Debunked

I’ve something to confess, my life is lived with loads of mistakes, u-turns, oopsy daisy and oh-bugger moments. It is nothing like the perfect lives you’ll find on Facebook, with an amazing social life, a perfect family and loads of exciting holidays, a life where no mistakes are ever made. I think I probably make […]

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How artists can be part of a creative community

How Artists Can Be Part of Supportive Communities

With my love for Tasmania I always gravitate to magazine articles about those making a living in that beautiful part of the world and there’s always a constant comment of what a supportive environment surrounds creative creatures there. And I’ve noticed this myself on my travels through the state. I go each year for the […]

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Artisan ceramic pendants for long chain necklaces

Learning About Loving Authencity

When I first started working in porcelain to make my ceramic jewellery I was stunned that some pieces would come out of the kiln with a curve in them when they had gone in flat and were sitting on a flat surface. I didn’t understand how that had happened and while I was told it […]

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At the Tasmanian Craft Fair

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Listening to the radio this morning with the reports about how women continue to be paid substantially less than men across a range of industries (let’s admit it, all industries!) I was disgusted and appalled at stupidity and sexism of it all.  I started thinking of the pay gap I would be facing if I’d […]

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Creatively Belle at The Rocks Markets in Playfair Street, Sydney

Where Creative Women Can Build a Long Term Successful Business

I’ve been running my little business at markets since 2001 and I’ve always been delighted by the number of the businesses at market being run by women. We are in the majority. Yes, there are some male market business owners but they are usually running the business in partnership with their wife. These small businesses […]

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Australian made white koala necklace

A Small Artisan Business Going Carbon Neutral

For quite a while I’ve been thinking about going carbon neutral for Creatively Belle and I’ve finally made the decision to make this happen. For years now I’ve had my household electricity usage at about 55-60% of the standard household for my size and I’m also a home based business so I think that is […]

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Artisan porcelain heart pendant in Southern Ice porcelain by Creatively Belle

Coming Back to Life

After a lot of thought (maybe a bit too much), an unwarranted amount of procrastination, and too much time, the Creatively Belle blog is coming back to life. In a nutshell I found the back end of a Word Press blog uncomfortable to work with, a technical gremlin moved into the website with the product […]

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