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Australian made white koala necklace

A Small Artisan Business Going Carbon Neutral

For quite a while I’ve been thinking about going carbon neutral for Creatively Belle and I’ve finally made the decision to make this happen. For years now I’ve had my household electricity usage at about 55-60% of the standard household for my size and I’m also a home based business so I think that is […]

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My String of Pearls

Hey there, Listening to Deborah Conway’s “String of Pearls” CD after ages of having it just sitting on the shelf I had a ball of a time singing loudly away (home alone can be a great thing!). I love her way with words, her voice lets me flow along and release whatever pumping energy within […]

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The Pay It Forward Challenge

Hey there, Lately The Secret has been a big influence with me and it has got me thinking about other ways to be part of the positive side of life and then I came across the Oprah “Pay It Forward Challenge” and thought what a great idea. I loved the film about Pay it Forward […]

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Beautiful Bridges to Explore

Hey there, We use them all the time and usually take them for granted but we all have our own favourites like ANZAC Bridge or the Sydney Harbour Bridge. One of the things that can be most interesting are the stories over the years, mostly about the people connected to the structures or the changes […]

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Great Bat Mitzvah Favors

Hey there, To help mark the rite of passage from childhood to adulthood a special celebration is held to mark this transition for both the children and the parents. Of course leading up to the celebration is the real meaning with the learning of Judaism and being part of the community. Sharing of gifts to mark Bat […]

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The Secret Movie – What is the Secret?

Hey there, A friend of mine who is building his own photography business introduced me to the Secret – a movie available online and one that is causing quite a stir. We just watched the trailer to start with and I loved the premise behind it all. I can’t wait until I explore it further. […]

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Best place to get a cat

Hey there, At our local shopping centre the pet shops have adorable kittens and puppies at amazingly stupidly expensive prices – $500 for a domestic short hair kitten – no desexing, no treatments, no micro-shipping, no backup. Whereas the local Cat Protection Society and RSPCA have equally adorable kittens, cats, puppies and dogs that are […]

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Giving away Billions

Hey there, This morning I heard an interview with Warren Buffet about his giving away 80% of his wealth – billions of dollars – for the good of others – for the developing world. What a wonderful thing to do. He’s keeping billions anyway so he and his family will want for nothing while being […]

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Being part of your community

Hey there, What does it mean to you being part of your community? For me it is fairly simple – it’s about being friendly – smiling and being polite – to those I interact with. It is about having good manners on the road – if someone lets you in you wave thank you – […]

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Breast Cancer Resarch Funds

Hey there, Did you know a lot of businesses are doing their bit to help raise research funds to beat Breast Cancer? Big and small businesses have goods and services that have part of their proceeds donated. For me it is this pair of happy pink earrings. They are $20 and I donate $10 from […]

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Beauty in Daily Life

Hey there, Seeing beauty in your daily life is key to living the good life. When you can’t count your blessings, see something beautiful just in your daily life it can be very difficult to be happy – or to know when you’re happy. It’s easy to know when you’re unhappy – life is dull […]

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What's Your Attitude?

Hey there, I was talking with my cousin the other evening and found myself stumbling in surprise in the conversation about a simple difference in attitude. I mentioned that I was next getting ready my wholesale kit to go see some wholesale customers the next day and her response was “These things are sent to […]

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