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Finding Inspiration from Crafts and Arts

I’ve been working in some different mediums lately – namely pastels and pencils – and I’m finding it is influencing my work  (jewelry making). This regularly happens when I make time for doing something else creative, another craft, working with color etc but I seem to forget between projects and let too much time pass […]

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New Beaded Watch Jewelry

Just in! This fabulous beaded jewelry watch is on elastic so it is so easy to fit and wear anytime! Click here to shop online for beaded jewelry watch sale. Smiles, Belinda – see our online jewelry sale here – join the newsletter to be the first to know about new jewelry sales!

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7 Reasons to Wear Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is as popular as ever and is bringing about a rejuvenation in costume jewelry across the world. So what is making it so popular for many different groups and in so many styles? Here are seven reasons why beaded jewelry is so popular: 1. The range of colors for beads makes it easy […]

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