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How Women Are Making Creative Lives with Blogs

I’m finding it fascinating how liberating blogging can be for women in all manner of ways, financially, creatively, emotionally and socially. While I left my corporate IT job at the turn of the century and started my creative business, I took the approach of making my living from what I created. Blogging was around but […]

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How bloggers can bring creativity into daily life

How Bloggers Can Bring Creativity into Daily Life

The dream of creating a mega blog that has millions of readers and generates a healthy income to thoroughly replace the paid job is a dream for many and a reality for only a few. But happily the really achievable reality for many bloggers is the opening of interesting doors that blogging can so easily […]

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A Small Artisan Business Going Carbon Neutral

For quite a while I’ve been thinking about going carbon neutral for Creatively Belle and I’ve finally made the decision to make this happen. For years now I’ve had my household electricity usage at about 55-60% of the standard household for my size and I’m also a home based business so I think that is […]

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Where do I find the best list of blog directories?

If part of your New Year’s resolution is to improve the profile of your blog the check out this 75 websites you can submit your blog to – it’s amazing. It will take some time to sort through but you can really get your blog out there for the world to discover by going through […]

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Blogging for Women

Hey there, Something that is lovely about blogging is the community aspect of it. I’ve found an online blogging community full of women bloggers that is both interesting and supportive with sharing ideas, thoughts and kindnesses. So come along and check it out  It is free and easy to be a member. Plus you […]

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Making Money from Writing and Blogging

Hey there, I’ve recently joined a blogging forum and one of the members I came across earns income from writing content for other people’s business blogs. For those of us who love blogging and writing this is a great way to combine both and earn money from it. Business blogs always need content and often […]

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Benefit of having a blog and email newsletter

Hey there, As you probably know by now I have both an email newsletter as well as a blog. While some visitors check out both there are others who are only newsletter readers or only blog readers so it is beneficial for my business to have both. The email newsletter has more details and a […]

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How can I get more blog reader interaction?

Hey there, Something I enjoy about my blog is the direct communication between me and you. It comes through via the comments as well as emails and of course visits to the website. So here are some free tips about getting blog reader interaction: * let people add comments to your entries * have email […]

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Free Blogging Directories

Hey there, The growing number of blogs blossoming all over the world can be really inspiring. Finding these blogs is easiest through the great range of blog directories. I have a list of them on my website (linked on the top of the page) to keep it easy for you. Click here to visit our […]

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Free Pictures and Blogs

Hey there, Adding pictures to your blog isn’t only free and easy it is a great way to share what you do. To add a picture to your blog you can either upload it to your blog server or copy and paste it into the entry. Explore the album facilities too – really easy to […]

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