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Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley Wacky?

Hey there, I was flicking through the tabloid magazines while in the grocery check out line and there’s a story about Lisa Marie Presley is “wacky” because she chose a traditional Japanese service for her wedding and didn’t invite the tabloid press to it. Now I wonder why they are calling is “wacky”? I fear […]

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Elle Macpherson Sports Illustrated Front Cover – Again!

Hey there, Making the Front Cover of Sports Illustrated for a record 5th time Elle Macpherson is proving to challenge old sterotypes of women, beauty and age yet again. I’m not a big fan of regular women comparing themselves to super women but for me this achievement has nothing to do with that. For me […]

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The Return of West Wing

Hey there, As a West Wing fan I’m delighted that the series is returning to tv with a station that seems to be going to respect it and its viewers – the station’s customers. I never did understand why Channel 9 was willing to treat A1 customers with such disdain with the constant changes in […]

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Dancing with the Stars

Hey there, Part of the advertising for popular “Dancing with the Stars” TV show asks how people will go who have made it to the top of their chosen area with a new challenge. Initially I thought that a little silly. To me they had already shown tenacity, determination, dedication, flexibility, adapability and skill to […]

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Roger Federer's Australian Open Victory Tears

Hey there, Watching the Australian Open Men’s Final had me marvelling about the shear talent and determination both players showed on court. Marcos Baghdatis shined with delightful talent and all praise to him for his massive achievement in making it to the Australian Open final. Of course the tennis was stunning but the trophy presentation […]

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Nicole Kidman Getting A Gong

Hey there, So Nicole Kidman gets an Australia Day Honour and we learn about her community work. Nicole has a long history of generously giving her time and money to hospitals and organisations as a way for her to give back to the community yet she does so quietly – until she publicly receives a […]

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