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I'm bringing unicorns into my life

How to Set Creative New Year’s Resolutions

I thought a practical series of blog posts on how to make your creative dreams a reality could be a great way to get things moving. So this is part one on just how to do that with a focus on goals. Part two will stay focused on the practical with useful steps in how […]

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Australian made white koala necklace

A Small Artisan Business Going Carbon Neutral

For quite a while I’ve been thinking about going carbon neutral for Creatively Belle and I’ve finally made the decision to make this happen. For years now I’ve had my household electricity usage at about 55-60% of the standard household for my size and I’m also a home based business so I think that is […]

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Making to Inspire

When you’re making something regularly do you find it useful to create in a different medium to refresh the creative spirit? I love photography, quilting and sewing, drawing and painting and find this helps with my creative business (jewelry) but it wasn’t until a friend pointed it out as something blindingly obvious did I think […]

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Wild Inspiration

I watch a great wildlife documentary dvd last night and found it so inspiring – the animals and plant life itself but also the camera work, the composition with the frames, the images and the sheer colors. The movement of the animals in full action is still with me and I want to include the […]

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Inspiration from Crafts and Arts

I’ve been working in some different mediums lately – namely pastels and pencils – and I’m finding it is influencing my work (jewelry design). This regularly happens when I make time for doing something else creative, another craft, working with color etc but I seem to forget between projects and let too much time pass […]

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Inspiring Women For Every Day of the Year

Last year was a bit of a preparation year and this year feels like it will be one where I take off and really make things happen. So to help it all along I’ve been really thoughtful about what I’m bringing into my life this year and it seems to be having an effect. I […]

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