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Be open in your heart to unicorns by Belinda Stinson of Creatively Belle Inspiring Quote

How to Call Unicorns

Over the holidays I always find myself walking along beautiful beaches that get my thoughts rolling along, seeking new paths, exploring tucked away ideas. I love this experience, it’s one of the healthiest things I can do. I got to thinking on unicorns and what they mean colloquially now days, especially for those of us […]

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Captivating organic shapes and textures with the lotus seed pod and poreclain pendant

How Artisans Can Price Their Work

As an artisan who makes her living from what she makes and sells I’ve had quite a few lessons about pricing. I sell my work at The Rocks Markets and a select number of fairs each year. Being based in Sydney I have a fairly competitive selling space and this has never really bothered me, […]

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Secrets of Success Here

The Secrets of Success are usually the most obvious ones that are commonly overlooked and can come from the most unusual sources. Here’s an example of an important lesson when learning the secrets of success. I was watching Love’s Harvest last night about an organic raspberry farmed who took 4 seasons, four years to get […]

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Loving Colour – Travels Through the Paintbox

Something my arts and crafts has given me is a love for Colour – all sorts of colors. So as a birthday present I was given the Victoria Finlay book “Colour” and I’m loving it. I’m only into the first 20 pages and there’s already stories about how the putting of paint into tubes was […]

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Inspiration from Crafts and Arts

I’ve been working in some different mediums lately – namely pastels and pencils – and I’m finding it is influencing my work (jewelry design). This regularly happens when I make time for doing something else creative, another craft, working with color etc but I seem to forget between projects and let too much time pass […]

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Creative Jewelry Designs

Hey there, On my continuing journey with my online jewelry store and my internet marketing plans I’ve created a new area within the site to make it easier to come in looking specifically at the jewelry designs specifically for you, my online shopping customers. Check it out at This area compliments the Home page and […]

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New Freshwater Pearl Necklaces Online Shopping Sale Bargains!

Well I’ve had a great day at the Jewelry Trade Show and have freshwater Pearl Necklaces online already for you! Click here for our Online Jewelry Shopping Sale!   So come bargain shopping at our online jewelry store (the best part of internet shopping is finding the treasures!) I’ll keep adding more new designs for […]

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Who Else Wants Inspiration?

Hey there, Sometimes I find having to create a new design just too challenging and I don’t have the inspiration for it. I sit there struggling and I’ve learned to just go with the flow and leave the creative exercise aside. Instead I work on the regular designs that need updating and some attention of […]

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See How Easily You Can Build Your Network

Hey there, Many of the industry groups offer members support with specials on products and services with the payback being that members behave ethically and professionally. Some industry groups or associations have organised discounts for members on such things are merchant services so you pay less for merchant fees for accepting credit cards. Other benefits […]

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The Luxury of Being Right

Hey there, On Sunday morning over breakfast with the family I found myself feeling deeply contented and self-satisfied all because I was enjoying the luxury of being right. I was in the midst of the Living Arts and Crafts Expo at Ulladulla, a 3 day indoor event. It was raining and miserable outside and I […]

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Stud Earrings or Drop Earrings / Dangle Earrings?

Hey there, Something I’m learning about people and earrings is that there are generally two camps; people who love stud earrings and people who love dangle earrings, drop earrings. There seems only to be a small number of people who are completely happy to wear both. I have a few pairs of stud earrings but […]

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Quality Glass Making Regions

Hey there, The Bohemians of the Czech Republic have carved a niche in many glass making markets and have had local competition for centuries – from Venice, near by German, Poland glassmaking regions and Austria. This local competition has inspired the finest innovations in quality and techniques. The benefactors of centuries of close competition are you and […]

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