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Captivating organic shapes and textures with the lotus seed pod and poreclain pendant

How Artisans Can Price Their Work

As an artisan who makes her living from what she makes and sells I’ve had quite a few lessons about pricing. I sell my work at The Rocks Markets and a select number of fairs each year. Being based in Sydney I have a fairly competitive selling space and this has never really bothered me, […]

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Fundraising for my community club

Hey there, Something fun doing is being part of a fundraising for community clubs. We’re using the generous jewellery party hostess gift voucher for sets of jewellery, necklaces, earrings and bracelets for lucky door raffle prizes. The stunning Catherine Popesco earrings and brooches can also be used as prizes. The guests pay $5 for a […]

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Free tips for making money

Hey there, Here’s three free tips for making money: 1. just start – so many people are gonnabes and then complain about nothing ever changing. If you want to change something then just start, doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, it is the doing that matters. 2. be positive – if you say you or […]

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How can I make a living from quilting and fabrics?

Hey there, If you’re like me you love creativity and design. I love collecting quilting fabrics and my stash only seems to grow, no matter how many quilts I make. I make my living from a creative jewellery business and love having my days revolve around it and having the freedom to prioritise family and […]

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Some Banks are Really Stupid!

Hey there, Did you know that some banks are charging between 60 cents to $2 for entering the wrong PIN? How dare they?! I find it truely staggering the collection of fees and their amounts banks are charging precious customers. It gives the message that they really do want to give a heap of customers […]

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Where's the money?

Hey there, Knowing where the money is makes for a successful business. Where are the income sources for the business? For me they include weekly markets, jewellery parties, online and mail order shopping, wholesale orders, wedding orders and special custom orders. These can also be called distribution channels because they are how I can distribute (provide) […]

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Making Money From Your Craft

Hey there, For those of us who love quilting, patchworking, scrapbooking, beading, any sort of craft one of the most challenging things is finding the balance between gathering too much of a good thing and having money for the rest of things in life. When I decided to be serious about earning my living from my […]

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Bank Customer Loyalty

Hey there, The consumer banks (ANZ, Westpac, Commonwealth, St George, National) have all figured out the most customers are very loyal and they usually take advantage of this loyalty. They have learnt that if they get your general banking account then they’ll probably have you as a customer for life with you using other products like […]

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Getting ALL Your Interest on Your Savings!

Hey there, Did you know that the general consumer banks (Westpac, ANZ, National, Commonwealth, St George etc) rely on their customers not to be smart with their money? All banks have some very smart people working for them in product development and marketing. Their aim is to create products like savings accounts and home loans […]

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