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Where's the Money with Party Plan Companies?

When you’re picking a party plan company for your home based business make sure you know where the money is. So find out: * how much and when you get paid for commissions? * do you have to double up your costs by also delivering the goods or do they deliver they goods? * how […]

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You'll Never Guess What Suppliers Think of Party Plan Businesses

Hey there, Many party plan businesses find it difficult to find wholesale product suppliers who will do business with them. This is a really frustrating experience and you can easily take it as a personal insult (when you shouldn’t, it isn’t about you personally). Wholesale suppliers want retail customers who place regular orders of a […]

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Have a Direct Selling Party Plan Business You Can be Proud of!

Hey there, Having your own party plan business gives you the opportunity to structure a business how you want it to be. You can choose the customer service values and culture, the quality and presentation of the marketing of the party plan direct selling business that matters to you. One of the things I’ve found most liberating […]

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So How Easily You Can Find Free Home Party Plan Resources Here!

Hey there, I’ve exciting news about the launching of the free home party plan resources online at Creatively Belle to help you make the most of your home party plan business opportunity. Articles include information about how to start your own party plan business, party plan consultants, choosing a party plan company, party plan selling, […]

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Finding Direct Selling Party Plan Support in Australia

Hey there, One of the challenges of being self employed with a home based business like a direct selling party plan business is feeling isolated because you don’t have work mates around you to discuss what’s happening and have that mutual support. That’s where industry associations can be particularly valuable. For the direct selling party […]

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Build a Successful Party Plan Business In Australia

Hey there, Australia has a direct selling industry worth over $1.3 Billion per year of members by the Direct Selling Association Australia (DSAA) alone. That’s not taking into account the independent direct selling party plan consultants who aren’t members so the figure is much higher. Since 2005 I’ve been doing jewellery party plan locally in Sydney […]

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